ÉKOFAB manufactures in France and markets its products worldwide. We are a successful example of Made in France on an international scale.



Today, the ÉKOFAB Group comprises five entities, operating simultaneously in as many fields : construction, events, urban planning, agriculture and equestrian sports. The Group currently employs around 50 people in France and the United States. Its products can be found on every continent.

A forerunner in the manufacture and marketing of products derived from the circular economy, the ÉKOFAB Group is guided by its spirit of innovation. The Group has a long-term vision and aims to perpetuate a model of sustainable industry. Our five entities, with their unique identities, share this desire to promote better production, better distribution and better service in their respective fields of activity.

Since the creation of Fornells in 1919, the Group’s original company, we have followed the dynamic instilled by our predecessors: innovate to evolve with society’s changing challenges. To achieve this, the Group controls its entire value chain: raw material sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and installation. It is thanks to this system, to our ability to reinvent ourselves, and to our dedicated teams, that the Group is able to grow through the centuries. It is also thanks to our customers’ trust, based on the quality of our products and services.

Respect for the environment, for people and for our ecosystem is at the heart of our values. That’s why ÉKOFAB has always kept its manufacturing facilities in France. That’s why our manufacturing model was completely overhauled in 2010, for a clear transition to circular economy. That’s why our products and services are evolving to meet the challenges we all face today.